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Entry #1090, Tue, August 28, 2001, 16:03 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 23 years old.)
Saturday night we watched Princess Mononoke again. I still like it a lot. Mamie enjoyed it as well. Sunday night Arun, Shelece, and I watched Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, which was juvenile and stupid. I loved it, I laughed a lot. Monday night we held the first Movie Night of the school year at Shangra-Pete's. The movie we showed was Back to the Future. We had a peak attendance of 19 people by my count, but I think total attendance was 21 over the course of the night. A bunch of fun was had. Branden brought some Shiner Bock, I made a bunch of waffles, and Tab was on hand for the brave few willing to taste it.

Stupid ND administration. So being a grad student, I've gotten into the habit of darting at the last minute, as most grad students seem to do. So yesterday I tried to register for two classes, but the system informed me that there was a Registration Hold on my account and that I had to contact the Registrar's office. OK, whatever, so I wander over to the Registrar's office and contact them. I have to talk to a couple people and show each of them that the system will not, in fact, allow me to register. Finally they realize "oh, there's a hold on your account" (which is exactly what the error message said in the first place) and so they go look up who put the hold on my account. It turns out to be health services. Well, ok, I wander over to the health services center. I get sent back forth between a few people, each of whom fills me in on a little bit of information. What I was able to find out was that Health Services had put a hold on my account last october and never bothered to inform me. Apparently you get one free semester after a hold is placed on your account, which is why I was able to register for classes last spring. But the reason for the hold on my account is that somebody suddenly decided that I was not sufficiently immunized. I'm not sure how they let me go for more than four years without telling me this, but oh well. Already I had wasted too much time and had to go to a social gathering at the CSE office to meet new faculty and grad students.

Today the battle continued. I wander to health services again and have to try to figure out what exactly they want me to do. After some back and forth, I have gotten conflicting answers on whether or not I've had enough MMR vaccinations. If I have had enough of them, I still need to provide more detailed dates, but if I haven't, I need to get another shot. I finally just told them to give me another shot, since either way that should allow them to take the hold off my account. So now my right arm is slightly sore, but it now looks like the system is going to allow me to register for classes.

Classes I am registering for this semester: VLSI and Basic Algebra (math 601)
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