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Entry #1420, Wed, January 10, 2007, 15:22 CET (Life in General)
(posted when I was 28 years old.)

It's 14° C in Munich right now--57° F. I can hear birds! It feels like a nice day in the spring, except it's January 10! Now this is probably more of a unusual weather cycle thing than a global warming thing, but still... I feel like I went to the wrong Munich or something.

Mamie is now in South Korea. She got a job there teaching English as a foreign language. My Mom pointed out that her time zone is eight hours behind them. And since they're eight hours behind me, that makes Mamie eight hours ahead of me. We've managed to spread ourselves rather evenly around the globe, us Rijks. Though the US still holds 2/3 of our immediate family. As usual, Annie doesn't fit neatly into the equation. She's seven hours behind me, one hour ahead of home, and 9 hours ahead of Mamie.

My brain is very SQLy lately. Ramzi Bualuan told us when he introduced us to CSE 346 (now 30246--just discovered that course numbers are now 5 digits at ND!) that we were never to pronounce it "sequel," but always "es-queue-ell". But years in the wild have gradually eroded the purity of being that Ramzi once instilled in me. I now find myself saying or thinking "sequel" more, since that what everyone else mostly said. Here in Germany, though, people say "es-coo-ell," since they have their own way of saying the alphabet. (Aren't they cute?) I can't remember for right now if I've heard anybody say "sequel."

I dunno what my point was. I went on that tangent since I got it into my head that I wanted a SQL statement that would illustrate that the even time zone distribution of my family (not counting Annie) was indeed an even distribution based on locations (and not based on persons). e.g. SELECT DISTINCT location FROM rijks.familymember WHERE name <> 'Annie'

Yeah, I really dunno.

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