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I returned on March 29th to Munich from two weeks in the US. I visited Crested Butte and Albuquerque and points in between. *

On March 14, I flew with United: MUC -> ORD -> DEN -> GUC. I arrived in Gunnison at about 22:15 Mountain Time, and Dad, Annie, David (Annie's boyfriend), and Diana were there to pick me up. We made the drive up to CB and I distributed some goodies: six bottles of Augustiner (they all survived the trip intact) and presents sent with me from Japan from Mamie.

Sunday, we went skiing. I managed to get my jetlagged self up the mountain with Annie and David, and we were met by Donna, Tommy, and (later) Diana. It was a good day. I even managed a couple Headwall runs, a North Face run, and a Upper Peel/Peel run.

Monday I drove to Gunnison with Mom and visited Oma and Papa. Then that evening Annie, David, Moon and I went to Kochevar's to take care of some important business. Annie and I had to play foosball. I won.

On Tuesday I trekked out into the wilderness with Annie and David to assist in filming they were doing for various projects. They failed to inform me we'd wandering around in knee deep snow, so I found myself in some soggy sneakers by the end of it. But it was nice out and entertaining. And all was made better when we made green beer for Saint Patrick's Day afterwards. We even got Dad to drink some.

Wednesday morning we woke up to find a ladder through one of the gallery doors: Rijks Family Gallery blog. I spent some of the day helping fix and repaint the door. Annie and David returned to Chicago. Sad.

Brian arrived from ABQ on Friday evening. We spent the next three days skiing CB, including numerous Headwall and North Face runs. Despite the very warm weather, the skiing was good.

Tuesday I drove to Albuquerque with Brian. There I got to see his new house in Edgewood. It's on an airpark. I approve of Brian's dedication here.

While in ABQ, I saw Cari (!!!), Bob and Stephanie Sisson, Arun, Shelece, Rich, Sarah and probably more. Bob gave me a handful of Zuna Pens to distribute, which I did among various friends in ABQ and Munich.

One of the highlights was the Edgewood Walmart, where I was able to accomplish the mandatory American shopping that is part of any such trip.

Friday Brian was going to take me flying, but the weather did not cooperate. So that will have to wait until my next visit.

Saturday my happy days in America came to an end again. I flew home with United: ABQ -> DEN -> ORD -> MUC. On both the DEN -> ORD and ORD -> MUC legs I got seated in Economy Plus. I didn't ask for this or pay extra for it, so either I got lucky or my Silver frequent flyer status is paying off. Anyway, it's just like regular Economy, except you get like an extra two inches of leg room or so. And boy do those make a difference.


* Footnote: This originally said "yesterday" instead of "on March 29th". This entry's been postponed a while.

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