happy pi day

Entry #1770, Sat, March 14, 2015, 21:26 CDT (Life in General)
(posted when I was 36 years old.)

This morning, Jamie and I headed downtown to do a pi day run (3.14 miles) with Annie and David. Other than the hassle of trying to find parking downtown during St. Patrick's day festivities, it was a good run. Afterwards Annie had pie for us. She also showed us an episode of a silly Australian show called Danger 5. It's pretty absurd.

Then Annie came out to North Riverside with us, and got to be entertained by Boogs a bit. I also introduced her to the Besiege game, which is great.

Jamie then took Boogs to her parents' place and went out with some friends, so I ended up completely alone at home, which is a rare occurrence. It was a bit too quiet, but I defeated the quiet by playing more games, including a few rounds of SC2 with Branden. My Starcraft skills were never that great, but man have they gotten rusty.

All in all, a great pi day.

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