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Two entries in one day? What is this, 2001?

Jamie, JB and I drove to Plainfield, IL today. It's become an unexpected fun destination for us. We first discovered it last winter after taking Boogs to Silver Springs State Park. For our way home, I was searching for places to stop along the way back and we ended up finding a game store in Plainfield that is pretty sweet.

And then we discovered that Plainfield has a cute downtown, Ten Drops Coffee, an excellent coffee roaster and also a pretty good brewing supplies store.

So since that fateful day we've been back a handful of times, including three days before JB was born. On that day I bought a bunch of brewing supplies, thinking we still had a week until JB's arrival and hence that I could sneak in a brew before that. But JB surprised us (as she likes to do) and I never got around to brewing.

This morning we decided we were in need of a fresh bag of coffee and also that maybe we should use the three day weekend to brew. So off to Plainfield we went.

We grabbed lunch at the Sovereign and then Bert and Mary met us at the brewing store, which is also a brewery: WerkForce. We had ourselves a pleasant little afternoon and I also stocked up on ingredients to give brewing another try this weekend.

We had actually taken JB to Sovereign and WerkForce before when she was a mere month old and it's pretty fun to see our progress as out-and-about parents and her progress as a delightful-and-chill baby.

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