What I'm listening to in 2020 (first half)

Entry #1834, Mon, July 13, 2020, 10:05 CDT (Music)
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Jamie and I have been buying vinyl lately. It's fun to listen to records. And most of them come with digital download codes so I can add the music to my mp3 collection too. Perfect. Anyway, here are my recent favorites.

  • The Regrettes - Feel Your Feelings Fool!
    The Regrettes play catchy California pop punk / riot grrrl and do it well. We bought Feel Your Feelings Fool on vinyl since their more recent How Do You Love? was sold out. The former feels a bit more garage punk while the latter is a bit more refined poppy but both are fun to listen to and their songs have a tendency to get stuck in my head.
  • The Menzingers - Hello Exile
    I've been enjoying The Menzingers for for a while but didn't notice they released this new album last year until after quarantine started this year. But that's OK, because it makes the lead track "America (You're Freaking Me Out)" feel even more appropriate. I don't think this album is as strong as On the Impossible Past or Rented World, but it's still got that Menzingers sound and it's definitely worth a listen.
  • Diet Cig - Do You Wonder About Me?
    Jamie's been listening to NPR's New Music Friday podcast for a while now, and now that I've been working at home these past few months, I've been listening with her. We heard a bit of this record on that podcast and decided to buy it. It's not in as heavy rotation as some of the other records we bought, but it's a fun listen.
  • Coriky - Coriky
    NPR's New Music Friday mentioned this one in passing but didn't actually play it. But all I needed to hear was Ian MacKaye's name and I knew I wanted to check it out. The band is composed of both MacKaye (of Minor Threat and Fugazi fame) and Joe Lally (the bassist for Fugazi) as well as Amy Farina. The record has a very Fugazi sound, but with a different feel to the drums (I want to say almost Jazzy drumming, but I don't really know these things) plus female vocals. I really dig it. If you like Fugazi you definitely owe yourself a listen.
  • Ratboys - Printer's Devil
    Rounding things out is my current favorite of 2020 so far. Also first heard this on NPR's New Music Friday and then saw an article about them in that following Sunday's Chicago Tribune (we treated ourselves to a Sunday Tribune delivery subscription just before quarantine started). I learned that the two founders of the band met at Notre Dame and graduated 2015ish. Printer's Devil is a indie rock / folk rock / maybe a little garage punk / super catchy album that I can't seem to stop listening to. This band is probably top of the list of acts I want to see live when life returns to normal.
  • Su Lee - I'll Just Dance
    Bonus song - I happened upon this one when it had just a few thousand views, so I feel like I got to know something before it went viral since it's now at over a million views. Just a catchy dance tune someone made at home in quarantine. This was stuck in my head for a good week after I first heard it.

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