Log Entry 345

Entry #345, Fri, July 07, 2000, 19:45 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 21 years old.)
the crested butte mountain theater is doing a production of "the water engine" by david mamat (sp?). annie is doing sound effects for this play. i went to see it tonite with mamie, since tonite was "pay what you can night" which means they'll let you in so long as you give them a token amount of us currency. well maybe even non-us currency, if that's all you can pay. anyway, i didn't find the play terribly exciting... the acting was good, but the story was kinda long and not well-suited for us of short attention spans. also, tho some may say that the play had some kinda meaningful message about our society, i found it to be a rather typical message about how lawyers and corporations are evil..

i've been informed that arun bought ("snagged" is the term he used) a copy of "we are not devo" which makes me happy. arun also informs me that there are two comic book stores and one anime store in close proximity of his quarters, so mamie is giving me a list of things to pick up for her.
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