Entry #474, Sun, October 01, 2000, 17:44 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)
it's been a rather nice relaxing weekend. didn't accomplish much, but it's been fun. Anne showed up yesterday after Star Trek and we went to taco bell and then watched american pie.

i also spent a good amount of time yesterday working on my bike. the new patch is holding up, it seems, but i'm not very trusting of my rear tire just because there's been that trend of late. i also cleaned my chain and relubed it, which makes for much better riding. my front derailleur seems a bit loose, tho, i may need to tighten the cable a bit, switching into higher gears is a bit slow. i think i also might readjust my brakes, i think they may be riding my rims just slightly... so more work remains to be done.

I'm really disappointed in the ND bookstore. they don't have transparencies. what's with that? is there no demand for those? oh well, whatever.

broncos are losing to new england. stupid patriots.
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