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Entry #564, Tue, November 07, 2000, 13:58 EST (Music)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)
hrmm. So I got two new cd's in the mail today. I had ordered "Dude Ranch" by Blink 182, and "Buck" by Buck. Blink 182 was a safe bet, I like "Enema of the State" and I'd heard they were even better before they went mainstream. Buck I bought because Lisa Marr, bassist and lead vocalist of Buck, sings on one song on "Don't Back Down" by the Queers and I really like her voice. But it seems there is another band out there named Buck that has an album called Buck. Hrmmm. I should pay more attention to what I'm buying. Turns out the CD I got is by a Christian Ska band, which is cool and all, just not what I expected. For them Buck stands for "Building Up Christ's Kingdom" ... and so I figure I'll give them a chance... I'm kinda Christian and I like ska. Musically they're pretty decent. Good third wave ska sorta sound. Some of their lyrics, however, are a bit more Christian than I am. But most of them are decent. So I guess I'll have to make another attempt to get music by the Lisa Marr version of Buck, but now I can say I own music by a Christian Ska band. heh. I'm amused. There's a hidden track at the end that has an interesting rendition of Amazing Grace.

The Blink 182 cd sounds fun. Definitely a different sound than "Enema of the State" ... definitely a less mainstream sound, more of an unrefined punk sound. Definitely harder. The sound kinda reminds of NOFX... I dig it.
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