Entry #565, Tue, November 07, 2000, 23:12 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)
the latest status: bush has 217 electoral votes, gore has 230. Luckily I don't have numerical tomorrow, so I can stay up late and see if any candidate comes close to getting the 270+.

Several junior engineers convinced me to go to wings after all, despite my earlier intentions to not go. which in turn led me to get Anne to come along. We patiently waited for six pm to roll around at wings so we could buy beer. I got one of the small mugs of beer, seeing how I was driving and all. Today I experienced driving into downtown south bend for the first time. boy, the excitement. Brian's pretty amazing to trust me with his car for a week.

after that I had to go to a gsu meeting. two and a half hours of my life were stolen from me. I'm bitter. How can people spend so much time talking about stuff that doesn't matter? Stupid politics.

Returned to fitz, grabbed my stuff, and headed for home. Am now watching election coverage on tv. Called home. Papa's had a minor stroke, which is scary, will need to keep him in my prayers. I'm looking into the possibilities of driving down to albuquerque to visit Oma and Papa while home over break, it'd be good to see them. Annie did well on the SAT's her second time around, which is excellent. She's also apparently gonna have some part in some independent film being shot in CB in the spring. Rock on, Annie.

malloc's been acting up. I'm thinking of reinstalling debian on it tomorrow. I don't quite trust some of the things it's been doing of late.
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