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Entry #582, Sat, November 11, 2000, 22:33 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)
OK, so I got really drunk this morning. Headed to Anne's at like 9, spent an hour feeling sorta tired and miserable. Then perk showed up at 10 with my football tix and I finally felt ready to start drinking. I needed drunkeness something bad. So apparently I made a fool of myself over the last while at Anne's. I had seven beers at her place, then wandered over to the hawaii club tailgate. I don't remember much of the last while at Anne's or of the way to the tailgate. Annie and I caught a ride on the back of an rv for a while, which was entertaining, we were waving at the people in the rv, I don't know quite what they made of us. Then I tried to hop a fence and tore up my jeans in the process. After a while at the hawaii tailgate, and after talking to Dan Diemer for a while I followed Lisa around, met some people, saw Blake Kramer, then went to fitz, made a drunken log entry that I don't remember making, then passed out in the engineering student center. Woke up at three, went to the game. I was drunk, loud, and annoying. I've never really experienced the feeling of a dozen or more people turning around, looking at you in disbelief, and laughing. Tons o' fun. I sat with Branden Moore at the game. I think he was impressed I lasted the whole game, given my initial condition. We beat BC 28-16, it was a decent game, I'm happy with how we did. After the game I returned to Anne's, collapsed for a while, then gather my stuff and headed home with Brian. Now it's time to try to recover, I need a lot of water, I think. I completely forgot about running into Blake until I read my previous log entry, so I never returned to that tailgate, which is disappointing. Don't know what I can do about that now, though.
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