bw3's trivia kings

Entry #592, Tue, November 14, 2000, 19:41 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)
Brian and I showed up at bw3's. Nobody else was there. So we took up the trivia and kicked ass. We were helped by the fact that there was one computer question and two star trek questions. Our final score was somewhere in the 11500 range. Yay! Branden and Joe showed up right as Brian and I were about to take off. They took over responsibility for the trivia.

Spent most of this afternoon implementing my new parser. It's almost functional. There's one bizarre minor bug that's still harassing me. But beyond that, I think I accomplished all the goals I set out for myself. And in a mere 350 lines of code, compared to the 550 or so lines of code in the provided parser. And I was able to cut out several dozen lines of code from my shell due to the better interface of the new parser. Yay! Finally figured out the stupid parser bug. Yay bcheck! Now I think it's time to reread chapter 9 in the Stevens' unix book. Then onwards!

I watched news radio today for the first time in forever. Wow. I love this show.
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