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Entry #691, Sun, December 03, 2000, 21:34 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)
I'm getting really psyched for break. Yay break. So the plan goes as follows: Dec 16: fly home. Dec 19: purchase car, let perk win pact. Dec 20 or 21: drive to Albuquerque, visit Oma & Papa. Drive to Red River, New Mexico a day or two later, visit Bob Sisson & family, and the Trifones who will all be staying at Bob's place in Red River. Return to CB on the 23rd or so. Spend Christmas in CB. Then it turns out that Tony will be in Breckenridge, being a ski instructor or some such. So the next item of business is to drive to Breckenridge and hang with Tony. That would be cool. So I'll probably try to do that like the 27th or so. So then Brian and Anne and who knows who else (I'm not involved in planning the trip, I'm just responsible for providing housing) are gonna show up in CB on the 30th or 31st or something. They'll be around for a week or something, which will be cool. Then sometime before the 15th I need to drive back to South bend. So adding up the miles for all the long trips, not even factoring in all the small drives I'm likely to do, I'll have at least 2600 miles on my car by the time I make it back to South Bend. Cracks me up. I'm so psyched for this car thing.

Hunt for Red Octoboer is on the superstation. Time to grade some 232 and watch that for a while.
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