Entry #749, Mon, December 18, 2000, 01:32 EST (Movies)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)
So I'm looking over a mona paper and watching movies. Watched Apollo 13, which is awesome because it's full of badass engineers. Always fun.

I shouldn't admit to this, but next movie I found in our collection here and watched was "Passport to Paris" which is apparently a recent Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen flick. Main motivation for watching it was absurdity (and I was hoping I'd not pay too much attention to it, thus allowing me to get work done). But as sad as it is, I enjoyed the movie. It was a cheap production, cheesy-ass piece of shit movie, and I loved it. It actually was kinda funny at points, and it had a good amount of mocking the french. There was a quail eggs with artichoke v. macdonalds hamburger and fries battle. The tour of the louvre the twins went on was hilarious, the louvre backdrop they were filmed against was blatantly cgi. haha. And there was blatant American Airlines product placement. And there was an American Airlines commercial during the previews. heh. I'm pathetic. I shouldn't enjoy a movie like that, and I shouldn't admit to it. But fuck, I don't care.

next on my list: "ol' dirty kung fu" ... I love the movies I can find in this place.
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