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Pete Rijks -- CS geek, Linux Czar


Hello, welcome to my boring webpage! My javascript-enhanced page is here and my highly graphical (and very annoying) style sheet based page is here. The purpose of this front page is to be friendly to non-graphical browsers and to make it easy for you to find stuff.

"Important" Info

Peter W. Rijks
Senior Computer Science Major,
ND CSE Grad School Hopeful, and
President/Czar of the Notre Dame Linux Users Group
Secretary of the Notre Dame Chapter of the ACM

System Software Research Group
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
University of Notre Dame

Room: 313 Keenan Hall
Phone: 4-3321
Office: 355S Fitzpatrick Hall of Engineering
Office Phone: 1-5273

Imporant Info

I've discovered over time that the reason people came to my old web page was for the listing of latex special characters and how to print them. Well, since this is obviously important, I have recreated that information on this latest incarnation of my webpage:
Character  Purpose                            Input for literal output
    \      Special symbols and instructions   $\backslash$
    {      Open group                         $\{$
    }      Close group                        $\}$
    %      Comments                           \%
    &      Tabs and table alignments          \&
    ~      Unbreakable space                  \~{}
    $      Starting or ending math text       \$
    ^      Math superscripts                  \^{}
    _      Math subscripts                    \_{}
    #      Defining replacements symbols      \#
    <                                         $<$
    >                                         $>$

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