Pete's Log: Rent

Entry #1284, (Music)
(posted when I was 23 years old.)

Meg and I spent five hours on the road in order to see the musical Rent.

We also spent many hours camped out at the theater. Let's see. So apparently the producers of Rent wanted to make sure that people without a lot of money could afford to see the show. So for every Rent show, tickets for the first two rows go on sale two hours before the show for $20. So we left South Bend at about one on Wednesday morning and got into Toledo at about 4:30 Toledo time. There were 30 rush tickets available. Showing up when we did got us in line for the 20th and 21st tickets. So we hung out all day at the theater. Meg brought a bunch of fun reading material. I read the Tao of Pooh and then a couple issues of The Nation and some foreign policy magazines. Liberal propaganda is fun.

So six pm finally rolls around and we get our tickets. Second row. Once we actually got into the theater and I got to see the set and how close we would be I got excited. I ended up enjoying the show a lot. More than I had expected to. I want to see it again! Meg's seen it 50 or so times. Crazy.

We also brought her dogs along. Driving is somewhat more entertaining when you've got a Cairn Terrier on your lap. Especially when trying to pay tolls.