Pete's Log: Taste of Chicago

Entry #1289, (Travel)
(posted when I was 23 years old.)

Meg and I celebrated America's birthday like only great patriots like ourselves know how. We ate fun food and we danced.

We took the South Shore to Chicago. We drove to the Michigan City station, because Megan is all like smart and stuff, and knows that at night that's as far as the train comes from Chicago. Many years ago, I went to a Skatalites show in Chicago with a group of people who did not know this, so we ended up spending the night at that train station. It was amusing to see the station again and remember being miserable there.

So we went to the Taste of Chicago festival and ate some good food. Yummy. We also went to the Chicago Summer Dance thing and got a free tango lesson. We're gonna be a dancing sensation one day. Just y'all watch out. We also got to witness some strange character dancing by himself with a book. We were rather amused.

Happy Birthday, USA!