Pete's Log: I like livin' in the city

Entry #1478, Sat, June 09, 2007, 21:10 CEST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 28 years old.)

I'd say that this made my day:

But it was already a good day. I hobbled around Schwabing and checked out the Streetlife Festival today. It's organized by some environmental type group, I think, and sponsored by a bunch more. So it's got live music, food of all sorts, art stands, booths run by various non-profits, booths run by political parties, and of course beer. Some of the music was quite good, especially one Brazilian-style drumming group I listened to for quite some time. It was fun just to watch how much fun the drummers were having, and they announced that people are welcome to come by their practice sessions and try out. That'd be cool. I wonder if it would be compatible with my work schedule. Will have to check their website.

But yeah. Munich is fun. :)

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hmph by Nairubi (Sun, June 10, 2007, 21:15)
Mom says that you have to be a member to comment. You don't like me, do you?

And that only sorta made my day, so HA!