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Pete's Log: soccer, ftp data, and mac os x beta

Entry #460, Tue, September 26, 2000, 11:59 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)
I love Lesea broadcasting. Channel 46 on the air, channel 11 on the local cable lineup. All Televangelism, almost all the time. It is one of my cures for insomnia. It works well in general. Last night before I went to sleep, I was checking if there was anything cool on tv, and noticed that channel 11 wasn't preaching at me. They were playing the ND women's soccer game from sunday. So of course I had to watch for a while, at least long enough to see the goal we scored. But it was interesting, the stats showed just how much we dominated. We had about 30 shots on goal (I think the exact number was 27 or 28...) while pittsburgh had 1. It's pretty amazing that we only scored one goal. moved more than 25 gigs of data yesterday. A new record by far. The reason for this download feast? RedHat 7 was released yesterday. I suspect today may witness some big stats as well.

I've installed Mac OS X beta on realloc. It is really cool. I'm very impressed. Yay Apple!

CSE 232 has its first test today. Which means grade-o-rama time!!!
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Pete's Log: oit sets a (good) record

Entry #461, Tue, September 26, 2000, 13:18 EST (School)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)
wow! so earlier today I was corresponding with Annie via email, and she's trying to access ND's online application form, but it's giving her an error. So, being a good big brother (not the 1984 variety, obviously, and definitely not the cbs variety), I file a clarify case. Within an hour, the case was closed, the problem fixed. I am really freaking impressed. Apparently there is still some hope as far as the OIT is concerned... maybe... tho I do have two cases that are about a week and a half short of their first birthday. Which happens to fall on a saturday. hmmm... yeah, like I need an excuse for celebration... On the other hand, it is good to see Annie actively working on the whole application thing. It'd be a lot of fun to have her out here next year. And Alexandra Trifone says ND is her first choice as well. So the second generation of the Sisson invasion of ND may soon begin in full force. Since '94 there has been at least one of us here, two of us since '96, but next year, there could be four of us (counting Mamie at SMC) ... excellent...
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Pete's Log: blah.

Entry #462, Tue, September 26, 2000, 22:55 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)
argh. afs sucks, and thusly my grandiose plan for "doing stuff" has failed me. so while i wait patiently and watch "afs: Waiting for busy volume 2037869737 (user.ccse_lums) in cell" messages (translation: "wank off") scroll by, i waste time reading this "phd" comic which arun was evil enough to send me the url of. And to add injury to insult (literally), my left wrist is finally beginning to cross the threshold from "uncomfortable" to "unbearable" ... i think i need to take a week off from typing. yeah, like that'll happen.
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Pete's Log: Industry Day 2001

Entry #1123, Wed, September 26, 2001, 13:44 EST (School)
(posted when I was 23 years old.)
So I made my token appearance at this year's industry day. I even updated my resume a little and dressed up in a blue camouflage shirt. There were very few companies there this year. The numbers I heard were that last year they had 130 companies and this year they only had 60. There were no free tshirts and very few free toys. But I picked up a couple Scitor bouncy balls, an IBM pencil and light and a CIA pin (and, most likely, listening/tracking device). The companies who were there seemed like they were doing less hiring, with the exception of government and government contractors. Several armed forces seemed to be recruiting strongly, as well as the CIA. And Scitor seemed like they were ready to do a lot of hiring. I got to see a few ND alums I knew, Walt Tuholski was at the Scitor booth, Paul Krasicky was at the Lutron booth, and Kevin Brennan was at the IBM booth. So all in all, I guess I can say I'm glad I'm not looking for a job right now. But industry day was still kinda fun.
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Pete's Log: Good Ramen

Entry #1124, Wed, September 26, 2001, 16:57 EST (Cooking)
(posted when I was 23 years old.)
I just had the best ramen of my life. Paul gave me a package of the variety of vegan ramen he's favored of recent. It's a Vietnamese brand that can be found at one of the Asian markets in town. From the outside, the package looks similar to American Ramen varieties, except the English ain't so good, and it says something about being made in Ho Chi Minh city. But open it up, and it's a bit different. The noodles are there and look like what one might expect. But instead of one packet o' flavor, there are three! One packet of spice, one of dried veggies, and one with some oil. Mix all these, add boiling water, and you've got quite the treat. This is Ramen of a most fancy variety. And it is not cheap, mind you. Expect to pay upwards of fifty cents for a package of this stuff. But boy is it ever worth it. yum yum yummy.
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Pete's Log: ugh

Entry #1125, Wed, September 26, 2001, 18:29 EST (Coding, Hacking, & CS stuff)
(posted when I was 23 years old.)
I am the biggest idiot in the world. There I am, adding some more stuff to pilsner. Some, but not nearly all, of the new stuff occurs within a critical section of code. So halfway through implementing this stuff, I decide to go ahead and test that which I've already got. Well all of a sudden there's a huge race condition in my code. So I just wasted a good hour trying to track down this stupid race condition, only to realize that the race condition is simply occuring because I added a while loop inside the critical section I was modifying, but never got around to writing the body of said while loop, leading to infinite loops, leading to locks remaining unreleased. Oof. Stupid me. Moral of the story: don't add while(1)-equivalent loops to critical sections of code. And finish implementing a block of code before you try testing it.

I think it's been rather a while since I've written anything into this section of my log. So the story these days: I've written a simplistic PIM Lite assembler, I'm still working on pilsner, and I'm putting a lot of thought into the PIM runtime. Currently my main focus, other than finishing this simulator, is figuring out the exact semantics for all the privileged instructions we're going to need. The opcode field of the PIM Lite instruction has been changed from 5 to 6 bits, so there are now 32 new instructions that can potentially be added. I'm pretty sure that shift instructions are now a certainty, since they make people happy. And I also think I'm going to try to redefine the semantics of the jump instructions, since right now they're less useful than they could be. Hopefully I can get those changes implemented. And then the big one right now is the "trap" or "int" or whatever you want to call it instruction. How do you context switch? I need to figure out what other multithreaded architectures do as far as privilege and context switches and such.

But now the time is near for this year's first NDLUG meeting.
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Pete's Log: Oh what a night

Entry #2009, Sun, September 26, 2021, 00:05 CDT (Life in General, Sports and Athletics)
(posted when I was 43 years old.)

Jamie and I had quite the evening. I think we needed it. Life's been beating on us a bit lately. JB's daycare had a positive Covid case last week. They told the infant and toddler classes to quarantine, but JB's in the Twos class, so no quarantine order for her. It's all so exhausting.

So JB went to spend the night at Jamie's parents. Jamie and I had a hard time deciding how to spend our free time, but ended up thinking we should hit up the food court at Oak Brook mall and then Barnes & Noble. But after parking as we were walking up to the mall, a fancy(ish) restaurant that shall remain unnamed caught our fancy. We've walked past it many times, but tonight we saw their outdoor seating area was empty and we decided that despite our casual attire we needed a fancy dinner.

Initially we weren't planning to go too wild with our orders, but we saw that they had a couple Omakase offerings. We have fond memories of a fancy Omakase evening in New York City back in 2017, and it's been a long time since we've had a fancy night out, so we decided to be silly and order their "decadent" Omakase. I also added the "decadent" wine pairing to my order. This was around 7 pm. Barnes & Noble closes at 9 pm on Saturdays, so we figured maybe we'd still have time for that. This is foreshadowing.

When we ordered, our server asked if we had any allergies, and we told them Jamie had a Shiitake allergy. OK, no problem.

The first few courses came out with little delay. The food was incredible. The only issue at first was that I wasn't being told what any of my wine pairings were except for the third course (the wine pairing for the third course was a Riesling).

Then things started going off the rails a bit. The fourth course wine didn't come until after the fourth course was over. Then our server brought out the fifth course wine and made a joke about how this time the wine pairing was here before the course. Little did she know that it would be 45 minutes before we saw the fifth course. At least she was attentive enough to realize things were taking too long, and after bugging the kitchen a few times, she let the manager know we'd been waiting too long. So he came by and poured me a second helping of the course five wine (which I still don't know what it was) and also offered Jamie more drinks.

Eventually the fifth course came out. Our server started stirring this delicious smelling rice stew in front of us, but as she was telling us its ingredients she realized she should double check if it had Shiitakes. It did. So as a consolation prize she offered Jamie a small bowl of white rice.


But luckily it turned out the rice stew was only part of the fifth course and we also got some (American) Wagyu beef. So Jamie wasn't stuck with only rice.

At this point we had been laughing a lot and enjoying ourselves, but we had also been there for well over two hours, so we were debating asking for the check and bailing. But before we could do so they brought out the dessert course and it was also delicious. So we ate that. By the time we were done Barnes and Noble had been closed for an hour and even our backup joke idea of browsing Target's book section no longer worked since Target was now also closed.

So we had a grand old time. The food really was great and would have been worth the price under other circumstances. The circumstances themselves were pretty funny and gave us a good chance to laugh, but it's hard to recommend the restaurant based on our experience. It was easily the fanciest meal we've had in several years. And I'm real glad we could laugh about it.

Played soccer again on Thursday. Also the Thursday before but it's become enough of a thing to not write about every time. There were seven of us this time, all regulars - Adam, Andrew, Bert, Jove, Louis and Duc. Still waiting to hit that elusive 4v4 again. It's getting dark pretty quick these days, though, so this time we set up our own lights which felt just kind of like a joke at first, but they actually worked well enough that we played a good 30+ minutes past sunset.

Brookfield/Soccer/Soccer-01-m.jpg Brookfield/Soccer/Soccer-02-m.jpg

Afterwards Andrew, Bert and I hit up Imperial Oak. Still hoping to someday talk a few of the others into joining us for a beer.

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