Pete's Log: oh, you're the guy!

Entry #1076, Mon, July 30, 2001, 21:35 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 23 years old.)
I went to the ND post office today to put some pictures in the mail. When it came time to pay, I pulled out my wallet. The postal clerk woman then says to me "ohhh, you're the guy!" ... I wasn't quite sure how to respond until she pointed out that my duct tape wallet was apparently becoming notorious around the place. All the clerks in view stopped to take a look. I guess looking back a previous clerk who had helped me there recently had been impressed by my wallet. My life is now complete: I have a reputation at the Notre Dame post office.

I have become addicted to fla-vor-ice. I love it.

I forget what else I had to say. But I will add that women should not be putting curlers in their hair while driving. Neither should men, for that matter.
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