Pete's Log: multitasking

Entry #1292, Tue, July 09, 2002, 17:44 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 23 years old.)
Megan, I've discovered, owns a large quantity of Dave Barry books. It is for this reason that I, of recent, have been reading a lot of Dave Barry. What effect, you are probably wondering, does this have on the short term possibilities of an economic upturn? Well, I'm still a broke bum, so I guess the answer is very little.

I got stuff done today. Annoying stuff. Stuff like getting vmware 2.0.4 to work under linux 2.4.18. A lot of compiling was going on. And while I like to think I spent most of that compile time doing other useful things, such as reading up on linux buffer caches and such, I must admit I also used some of that time to do stuff like IM people and start writing worthless things in this random log entry. So there.

I haven't shared this here yet, because it had me really weirded out, but I've gotten over it, so the time to share has come. A caucasian male in his mid thirties tried, a little more than a week ago, to engage me in activities that may have caused my girlfriend to feel jealous. I, of course, handled the situation brilliantly. I waited for him to take his hand off my chest and told him I had to use the bathroom. Which was true enough. Except after using the bathroom, I drove home. The wise thing would simply have been to let him know I wasn't interested. Because he's convinced, I've heard through my sources, that I'm "confused" and "scared of myself." And he knows I've got a girlfriend. Weird. I'm his type, though, is what he's told people, apparently. Which is somewhat flattering, I guess. I think everything will be fine, though, provided I avoid getting left alone with him again.

This guy did also tell me about his idea of converting the earth's magnetic field into a force to be used to propel vehicles. The magnetic field is, after all, everywhere, so we need only convert it to force, use the force to move ourselves, and then when we're done (huh?) convert the force back into magnetic field. He had all the math worked out, apparently, he just lacked the engineering know-how to implement this plan. He claimed we'd be able to get to Japan in about four minutes by this means. Sweet!

That whole adventure, I now recall, began with a really bad game of chess. So I guess you just never can tell.

I urgently need to start doing stuff like answering email, getting my stuff where it belongs, and so on. But today's work day is nearing its end. On a happier note, I was brave today and tried taking some Ritalin again. I felt no strange side effects, and for a while, at least, I was focused on my work. And I did get some useful reading done. So, as they say in educated circles, "Quien sabe?" Except if they really were educated, they'd have a fancy upside down question mark before the Q.

There were other things on my mind as I watched compiles fly by. But it's been a while since I first began work on this entry. And I've had my share of distractions.

I can tell you this, though. I'm less confused now than I've ever been in my life. And since it's time to head home, I can't help but think that a quote from the end of the movie Clue feels really appropriate right now. You know?
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