Pete's Log: moving on

Entry #1335, Tue, December 17, 2002, 02:33 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 24 years old.)
Meg and I flew to DCA on Wednesday. We spent the weekend in the Washington area, looking for a place to live. We feel we were successful.

We stayed with Mary and Chuck. It was fun seeing them again. They treated us very well. We saw our first couple houses on Thursday. The first was in Centreville, VA. It was a nice townhouse, but it was just way too far from the city. Next we looked at a place in Arlington, VA. It was real small and didn't have a washer and dryer. It was cute, though. The real estate agent couldn't get into the house we were supposed to see Friday, so the only productive thing we accomplished was going to the mall and doing some christmas shopping.

Saturday we saw three houses. The first two were in Bethesda, MD. First we saw the one we were supposed to see on Friday. It was cute, had a big yard and a screened in porch. It was pretty small, though, and the kitchen was real old. The second place we saw in Bethesda was just down the street. It also had a nice yard, and it had a finished attic, so there was lots of room. We really liked this place. Finally we went to see a place in Rockville, MD. It was a decent size, but sorta far, and not in great condition.

So we decided to apply for the second place we saw that day. We got forms filled out, forms faxed back and forth from Meg's parents, and after all that effort, we called the owner and she said the people who saw the place after us were applying and that she was going to take them. Well, boo.

Hope was not entirely lost. We had another appointment to see a place in Bethesda on Sunday. This place was a bit farther out, just North of the Beltway. It's a cute brick building, with a huge fenced yard. Enormous. The yard backs onto Rock Creek Park, so there's running/biking trails right behind us. The house isn't huge, but it's cute. The kitchen has just about all we could hope for. It's got a fireplace. There's a big attic. It's not finished, but it does offer lots of storage space. There's a bus stop right down the street, and the metro station isn't far. And a little farther down the street we found Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church, which is huge and exciting. They have a Go club and several choirs and a theater group and a social justice group and lots and lots more.

So we applied for that one. The real estate agent seemed positive about our chances. We should hopefully hear tomorrow.

So we're hoping to move out there in late January. It's gonna be an adventure.

Saw "The Straight Story" at movie night tonight. It was really good. Slow, but not boring. Funny and touching.
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