Pete's Log: since returning from the USA...

Entry #1708, Thu, December 02, 2010, 18:40 CET (Life in General)
(posted when I was 32 years old.)

Quick summary of the past month and a bit:

I got back from the US on October 21. On Friday the 22nd, I was out with Tony at the new location of the Munich poutine place. Irish Pete was among the people who joined us there, and since he's quite the sailor, I was telling him about my experience sailing on Boston harbor with Dan. We spontaneously decided to go sailing on Ammersee the next day. So we did. Tony, Pete and I drove down there and rented a boat. We just sailed around for a while, didn't do anything exciting. But it was nice with the alps in the background.

The next weekend was a three day weekend (Nov 1 is a holiday here). Tony, Steve, Dean and I flew to London on Friday evening. Saturday we spent mostly pub crawling, with a bit of touristing. Sunday was the main event: the Denver Broncos played the San Francisco 49ers at Wembley stadium. I had managed to get four tickets to the game. At the stadium Tommy and Deven found us. I had sent Tommy where we were sitting just before my phone died. They had decided only a week before the game to fly over. Since our section wasn't full, they just stayed there. The first half of the game was incredibly dull. Steve, who is a 49ers fan, was cheering simply for anything to happen, regardless of which team did it. The second half was better. In the end, the Broncos lost, but it was still fun. It was the first NFL game I've ever been to.

After the game the mob at the tube station was ridiculous, so we went to a sports pub near the station. We had a few beers here. When we returned to the tube station, the mob was gone, so we headed back into town and grabbed dinner. After dinner we parted ways with Tommy and Deven, but it was fun to get to see them. We returned to the hostel and I passed out before too long. Back to Munich on Monday.

Since then I've been to Düsseldorf twice for work. Tony and I hosted a thanksgiving dinner on November 20th. Other than that, not much memorable has happened.

It's been snowing in Munich the past few days. It's nice and wintry out. I had my first Glühwein of the season at Hüttnwirt last night. And my second.

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