Pete's Log: Warm November

Entry #1871, Sun, November 08, 2020, 22:13 CDT (Life in General)
(posted when I was 42 years old.)

The weather this weekend was disconcertingly nice. 70+ Fahrenheit and sunny nice.

Friday evening, Bert, Mary and Ruby joined Jamie, JB and me at Cycle Brookfield's First Friday Slow Roll. They had record turnout for the event. We were all masked and distanced and rode our bikes around town. It was dark out, but we were well lit. It was nice. It's the first somewhat normal-feeling thing we'd done in several weeks, I think other than JB's daycare we've keep to ourselves since going pumpkin picking.

Saturday we took JB and Boogie to Miller Meadow for a stroll. JB is becoming able (and more importantly eager/willing) to walk longer distances, so we didn't even bring her stroller.

This morning we took a stroll to the Brookfield train station. We hung out and got coffee and were lucky with our timing to have a Metra train make a stop. JB's still really into trains, but had yet to see a train that close and have it come to a stop and open its doors. She was nervous but excited. JB and I then dropped Jamie and Boogie off at home and then hung out at a playground for a bit. There were people at our first choice playground, so we went to the one closest to our house. In the past, after putting her on the toddler swing, she's always pointed at the big kid swing and I always thought she was telling me she wanted on there, but today I realized she was telling me to get on that swing. So after giving her a push, I got on the other swing and she was happy to be swinging next to each other (even if the picture below didn't capture her happiness).

After her nap, we took our crew to the forest preserves by our old house. We regularly talk about how the only thing we miss about our old place is the forest preserves that were right across the street. But for some reason we rarely think to go to them. We had a nice time there. One nice thing about them is they rarely have many visitors, and with the warm weather most outdoor places were probably packed. JB got to see some deer (she was very excited) and the Des Plaines river. When we were walking up the trail away from the river she kept repeating "bye bye river."

Overall a nice weekend. Although I am pretty concerned about the direction the pandemic is headed (which is why we've been pretty isolated lately). Pandemic fatigue seems to have transitioned into pandemic apathy and I certainly know I'm guilty of some of that myself. While the Illinois government is trying to impose more restrictions again, it seems like many establishments are just ignoring those. Spending a lot of time wondering when or if we should pull JB back out of daycare.


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