Pete's Log: The Ataris: ...Anywhere but here

Entry #491, Fri, October 06, 2000, 18:04 EST (Music)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)
My new cd arrived! woohoo! It's "...Anywhere but here" by the Ataris. The cover art is a map of part of indiana, centered on indianapolis, with the "...Anywhere but here" across it. I found this amusing. Featuring songs such as "Angry nerd rock" and "Four chord wonder" how can it be anything but good? It features fairly standard simple punk, but i think the bass is pretty good. it's amazing what good bass will do... take rancid. i think they've got really good bass. but anyway, back to the topic at hand... I really like the lyrics. I can definitely associate with them, having been a geek in high school. One song of theirs, which isn't on this cd, is titled "The Last Song I Will Ever Write About A girl" features the line "... and girls are fucking evil" which pretty much sums up my social life in high school (luckily there was skiing, biking and coding so i didn't need a social life) ... so anyway, good lyrics, good music, and the notes include the line "the ataris read 2600" after the thank yous .... mmmm.... geek punk...
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