Pete's Log: why is it never over?

Entry #506, Fri, October 13, 2000, 14:33 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)
argh. the numerical midterm is finally behind me...

yesterday after this whole comp arch experience, I went to lunch with Anne, then we threw a frisbee around for a while. We got into a zone for a while and were superb. But that ended after a while. No pedestrians were injured. Maybe that's a good thing. Then I studied numerical for a while. I started out writing down all the equations I wanted to memorize. Then I studied with Katie and Damon for a while. It was a good studying session. I felt ready, I just needed to finish memorizing, an easy task for me. So then I went to a talk about some MPICH design stuff. I went from feeling fairly awake to being devoid of energy in a hurry. So I picked up some caffeine and rode over to the math department for a talk on prime numbers. Details on that adventure will follow. Went home, watched history channel, did some more memorizing, Anne came by and drank beer with us and watched some more tv. Then went to sleep at some point.

Wake up, it's numerical time. The test went alright. There were 22 or so points worth of extra credit throughout the test. I know I missed one ten point problem, but I did 19 points worth of the extra credit. So there's reason to be optimistic.

Today has dragged on and on and on. I'm tired of it. I have to go to some talk at three, and then, with any luck, I can screw everything and start today over. I think I'll do that by going running. Then maybe I'll go to the last regular season ND women's soccer home game. Then I think I'll sleep.
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