Pete's Log: mmm... food...

Entry #634, Thu, November 23, 2000, 19:53 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)
So the Barrett family took pity on Mamie and I and fed us. Apparently they had more than enough food, so Brian dragged us along on short notice. Woohoo! An entertaining experience. Watched Detroit beat the patriots, which was appreciated by our hosts. Then we ate. mmm... good food. They played muppets christmas music during dinner. Interesting. Then watched the cowboys lose to the vikings. I enjoy seeing the cowboys lose. I think I was just raised to dislike them.

In thirteen minutes Mississippi State takes on Ole Miss. Should be a good game. So I shall begin coding again when that game starts.

I've realized that maybe a full-size truck isn't currently in my best interest. It'd be a great thing to have, granted. But maybe not quite worth bankrupting myself for. So I'm thinking maybe a compact might not be completely unacceptable. I can always get a bigger truck later. And the better gas mileage won't hurt either. And I've decided that a chevy S-10 with 4wd and a V6 engine is still an acceptable vehicle for me.
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