Pete's Log: cruising altitude log entry

Entry #746, Sun, December 17, 2000, 01:48 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)
So I think this is the first log entry ever written at an altitude of however many feet we're currently at. So far this flying experience is going better than anticipated. Flight out of SB was delayed, but only by 15 minutes or so. Flight out of Chicago delayed by about 30 minutes. But many other flights are being cancelled and such, so over all I'm content that I'm gonna at least make it into CO. We'll see in Denver how the flight to Gunnison goes.

I've used some of this free time I've had to see if I've got all the support necessary to use the modem in realloc, and it's looking good. The kernel I have installed recognizes the modem as /dev/ttyS0, and I have modules for ppp support that work with the kernel I'm running. So now all's I gots to do is wait until I have a phone line to try this all out on.

I think the meal they served us today is probably one of the better airplane meals I've had. But that's still not saying much. I've also noticed that this is only the second time that I've paid attention to city lights while flying at night. This is due to mainly to the fact that most the times I've flown at night, the flight was going over the atlantic, where city lights are few and far between. But it's kinda fun to check out the lights...

And since I've nothing better to do, I'm reading the tcsh man page to see what new fun features I can come up with. There seem to be some more variables I can set related to tab completion, so I may play around with those some...
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