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I have a feeling I won't be posting any follow-ups to this entry, since it feels like her vocab is about to explode beyond what I can fully keep track of. Even now she probably knows more words than we're aware of.

Anyway, with no further ado, JB's 13 month vocab:

Words she says:

  • Mama
  • Daddy (pronounced Da'y)
  • Boogs (pronounced Boo)
  • Hey
  • Bird (pronounced Buh)
    We have a painting of a couple birds on the wall in her room, and if we read her a book with birds in it, she will look up at the painting and yell Buh!
  • Bear (pronounced very similarly to Bird - not sure how to write it out other than Buh again)
    She has a stuffed panda bear the she loves, and if she spots it across the room will yell out Buh!
  • Doggie (pronounced without the g - something like Dah-ee)
    She gets very excited when she spots a dog when we're on a walk. And interestingly, she definitely discerns the difference between Boogs and other dogs
  • Nose (pronounced No)
  • Ear (pronounced something like ee-oh)
  • Squirrel (pronounced girl)
  • Baby (pronounced bay-ee)
    Mostly when she sees pictures of babies on product packaging or in books
  • Car (pronounced like she's from Boston)

Words she understands but doesn't say yet:

  • Clap - she is currently pretty excited to clap on demand
  • Smell - she will sniff when she hears this word

I'm sure there are plenty more I'm forgetting or not aware of yet. It is highly likely she understands more than we realize. I'm led to believe that a huge spike in vocabulary occurs between 14 and 16 months, so we'll probably have a real chatterbox soon.

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