Entry #1068, Mon, July 23, 2001, 15:18 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)
Saturday night at about 2 am (well, so technically it was Sunday morning) I realized I needed a barwarming gift for Rob, and that I wouldn't be able to buy one in Indiana on Sunday. So I drove to Meijer and picked up a 12 pack of Coors. On my way back, as I was driving north along Grape I got to thinking how poor my geographical knowledge of South Bend was, and I realized I'd never followed Grape Road North of Cleveland, I'd always turned West on Cleveland. So I went straight, since I should really know my surroundings better than I do. And I hardly know the area North of Cleveland at all. I mean, I know that that's where they keep Michigan, and I know how to get to a few places on 933 that are North of Cleveland, but beyond that, I'm clueless. Well, Grape turned out to be rather boring once you get North of Cleveland. It immediately turns into a two-lane road and goes through residential areas. The highlight on Grape was that I almost ran a four-way stop because the car ahead of me drove straight through it without slowing down. Then Grape came to an end. I was unwilling to turn around, though, since I was on an adventure, and what kind of adventure doesn't take you across a state line? My first impulse was to turn left, and find Ironwood and follow it into Michigan, but then I decided that I need to discover a new route into Michigan, in case the others I know go bad in an emergency. So I turned right. After a few turns I ended up on a windy road. I'd had to make turns since the roads I was on kept dead ending. After a while I realized I had no idea where I was and only a vague notion of which direction I was headed in. I found it relaxing, driving at night with the windows open, with no destination and only a vague idea of where I was, listening to Gorillaz and the occasional clanking of the beer bottles on the passenger seat. But then, after a while and to my great surprise, I ended up on 933. I actually didn't realize it was 933 until I'd been driving on it a while, so I'm not even sure I made it into Michigan, but it's likely that I did, since I was pretty far north on 933. So that was my adventure.

Rob and Adrienne have built, with the help of Rob's brother John, a bar in their basement. Sunday night was the grand opening. We had a fun time. The bar is built quite well, I was impressed. Darts were played, and I didn't pull Rob's dart board off the wall once! A record for me. I was designated driver for myself and Paul, so I quit drinking after a few beers, but Rob and Paul were fairly drunk, and John got wasted. It was funny. The night ended with Rob, Paul, and I hanging out in the tree house in Rob's yard. I think previous owners of the house must have had kids.

A few days ago, I stubbed three of my toes against the bathtub wall while getting out of the shower. It really hurt. One of the toes has turned a bit blueish and I think the nail may come off. I share this only because this is the worst thing that's happened to me in some time. Life is pretty good.

Bob Sisson and family are in Indiana for the week. Ashley's soccer team made it to the nationals, which are in Indianapolis later this week. Today they came to ND to visit, since Ryan is considering ND. So I had lunch with them at South Dining Hall (it's been a while...) and wandered around with them a bit. Fun stuff.

So it looks like Annie is going to be in Dallas this next year, doing an apprenticeship with a theater. That should be a lot of fun for her. I'll have to drive down there sometime and visit. Alexandra Trifone will be at SMU, so I could see her too if I make it down there. I'm thinking maybe fall break.
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