does priceline sell lions?

Entry #1093, Fri, August 31, 2001, 22:16 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 23 years old.)
I've fixed up my log some. Mostly a few bug fixes that affect nobody other than myself. But I also implemented a new feature: the option to automatically be subscribed to all topics. Previously if I added a new topic, a user who wanted to be subscribed to all topics had to manually add the new topic. However, now users can simply select "subscribe me to all topics" and automatically be subscribed to new topics as they are added. As usual, to update your subscriptions, visit

I was an integral part of a scheme concocted by some of my crazier office mates. Paul was going to pay me $150 to go to a blood bank, let them draw a pint of blood, then tell them I'd changed my mind and take the blood back from them. Paul would then cover himself in my blood and allow a $2000+ thinkpad, which Rob was to purchase for him, to try to eat him. Afterwards, I would get to keep the $150, Paul would get to keep the thinkpad, and Rob would get to keep the unique memories of having witnessed this. It all fell apart, though, because Rob didn't think he was getting a good deal.

I have a new roommate: Sahib Sabbar. It is one badass African Cactus. I think I have given him the best possible name an African Cactus could have. It's Arabic for Sir Cactus. I think. Sometime last night, strange pen circles surrounded the cactus. The cactus worshippers are already at work, and they are swift and silent.

Brian's in town! Brian, Arun, and I went to Elia's for dinner, then returned to the apartment. Branden has joined us, and we are watching Star Trek: The Motion Picture.
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