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Entry #1173, Thu, December 06, 2001, 00:45 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 23 years old.)
I've failed of recent to keep track of what I'm doing. I can report one thing, though. Preliminary findings suggest that for the time being, I'm back on a diurnal schedule. A more in depth study will be needed to determine how accurate this result is, but I am cautiously optimistic.

VLSI this morning was very fun. I figure I allocated the time during class in the following manner: 50% writing (of the recreational sort), 40% goofing off with Arun, 10% paying attention. Yet, during my brief moments of paying attention I managed to do the sorts of things that you do if you want to impress professors. I feel I can (and should) claim victory over the class (and perhaps even the entire educational-industrial complex) this morning.

After that, today just got silly. And it is quite a feat, I feel, for today to have gotten more silly than VLSI was. After all, Arun did in VLSI say the following to me: "Dude, you're stabbing the rat, not poking it."

I went to lunch at Friday's with Andy, Andy, Randy, Branden, and Nicole. It was an entertaining event, though somewhat disturbing ... Next I wasted away the afternoon. I went to some talk by some woman from MSU about some kinda software engineering stuff, but I had trouble appreciating her talk because 1. I'm not well versed in that field and 2. I'm not particularly interested in that field. So then I finally made my way home and decided I should unneglect Pete's Log.

So let's leap backwards in time and see if anything of interest has gone on before today.

I attended an interesting lecture yesterday by Dr Bowyer, our rad new department chair. It was very informal, he simply presented two open problems in his area of research. The idea was in part that new graduate students in search of advisors/projects could come to such presentations and see if they see anything interesting. The biggest flaw in the plan was that word didn't get out very well, and so very few people showed up, none of whom were in search of an advisor or a project. It was still neat, though. So far I like our new chair.

I've been reading a good amount of The Economist of late. It makes me happy.

Rebecca and I hung out at senior bar for a while tonight. It was a good time. The bar was rather deserted. That didn't stop us from partying, though.

Today has been a pink day.
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