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Entry #1199, Sun, January 27, 2002, 05:24 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 23 years old.)
um, hi.

I'm not certain where I last left off, but here's some highlights...

I've finally seen real life fencing. I spent portions of last Sunday afternoon and Monday morning watching fencing at the Century Center in South Bend. It was fun to watch. Brian came along on Sunday and we got to see Cari do some winning. I arrived too late to cheer for Cari on Monday, so I watched some other fencing action instead.

Brian and Anne were in town last weekend. It was nice to see them. We went to dinner at the new Thai place on Ironwood on Saturday night. The food was decent. The portions were too small. I was unimpressed. I liked the curry I got alright, but I think I've made curries myself that were at least as good.

Monday felt like a really good day. I got many things accomplished that I'd been neglecting for a while. I'm almost feeling caught up with life. I also for the first time saw an ND basketball game in person. Jane had a couple tickets to give away, so I grabbed them, and Andy and I watched Georgetown defeat ND. It was fun, though. I'd like to see more basketball live, especially if we win.

Sunday we played D&D. It was fun.

Andy gave me "The World According to Garp" by John Irving on Sunday. I like it. After D&D, I stayed up until 6 reading it. It's been a while since I got that into a book. I'd probably have it finished by now, except I'm trying to get into a habit of a better sleep schedule. So I'm pacing myself. Once I finish Garp, I think I'll read Cider House Rules again. I remember liking it a lot in high school (and I even got my copy signed by Irving!) and I figure I might as well continue this Irving kick.

Sunday was Annie's birthday. Nineteen doesn't quite have the excitement of granting new privilege, but I'm sure she managed. Happy birthday, Annie!

Life is strange. But I'm still winning. Tuesday I went to class for the first time this semester. I'm taking one 2 credit hour class. Its name is something long with the term "I/O" in it somewhere. It's looking to be good, I think. Especially if I show up prepared next time.

Wednesday was Cari's birthday. Happy birthday to her as well! I made dinner for her and Meagan. It was fun. After dinner, we dropped Meagan off on campus and headed to Cari's place where various other people had prepared more birthday fun. Oh, and while I was preparing dinner I took Cari and Meagan on in a short game of foosball. I won 5-1. I am champion of 2217 foosball!

PUNK ROCK!! Yeah! Yeah ... uh ... yeah. As much as I hate to admit it, I find that sometimes I still need to prove things to myself. And for that reason, I've realized I simply had to see H2O live. I'd been feeling slightly bothered in a few silly ways of recent, but that has now been alleviated. In my usual spontaneous fashion, I went to see H2O in Detroit on Thursday. I dragged Anne along. It was a lot of fun. Four bands played: Publicity Stunt (Detroit band, high school students. Cutest band ever. ("We're not a band that plays Weezer. Do we sound like a band that plays Weezer?") They were really good, too), Big Wig (from New Jersey. Pretty good. They covered Knowledge by Op Ivy, so I actually got a chance to sing along), Mest (from Chicago, also very good), and finally H2O (from New York. Very good. They played one (out of two) songs of theirs that I know). I now desire much more concert action. I hope to see at least five more punk shows this semester. Anti-Flag and AAA (and a couple other bands) are touring and play Detroit on Feb 15 and Chicago on Feb 16, so that's one option. Suicide Machines are playing Indianapolis soon, so that's another option. And I'm sure there will be more. I bought a bunch of punk music Friday. It seemed necessary, somehow.

Tonight I went to a party at Al's. It was interesting. ND girls don't impress me much these days, I'm sorry to say. Though there are some exceptions to that, none of them were at this party. It was a fun time regardless ...
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