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Entry #1269, Sat, May 11, 2002, 01:41 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 23 years old.)
So the semester is over or something of that nature.

Last night a variety of engineers (and a couple non-engineers) were busy with last minute projects and such. So I decided to organize a study break. And what better way to have a study break than to party on the roof? So I bought some Amber Bock and invited folks to my domain (as I now like to call it). Andy, Meagan, Randy, Nicole, Joyce, Branden, and myself partied like only crazed engineers know how to. And then once the beer was finished, we all went back to work. Photographic evidence of our activities can be found on my webpage. Randy and Nicole used some of the pictures I took in their CSD presentation.

My left wrist hurts something awful. Yuck. This is interesting, though. My wrists haven't bugged me much at all this semester. Then suddenly I write a paper for class and my wrist starts hurting pretty bad. I think that right there proves how little I've accomplished this semester.

I've been reading "The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind." It's fun reading. Interesting things to think about. The question that's been on my mind of recent, due to this book, is "is consciousness possible without language?" I'm just not sure. It's tough to think about, for me at least. One thing's for sure, though. This book is definitely helping reinforce my determinist view of the world.

Some time ago I picked up a key that I thought granted me access only to the outside doors of Fitz. Tonight I discovered that this key also gives me access to the freight elevator. I'm way too excited about this. If anyone wants a ride in the freight elevator, though, let me know. This key also can be used to lock the outside doors of Fitz. And some of the doorways in the stairwells. I could cause so much mischief. The only door it doesn't unlock that I really want it to is the door to the roof. Oh well.

Quals are one week away. I don't want to study at all. Because I just don't care no more. I think partying would be a much better use of my time this week. After all, lots of friends are graduating and leaving after this week. So partying it is. Besides, not wanting to sound too full of myself, but I think I've got a really good chance of passing without studying. So maybe I'll study just a little bit.


Oh yeah, I also need to start packing up. I'm losing both my apartment and my office space. So I need to get some storage space and put stuff there and get rid of stuff and so on.
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