Entry #1305, Fri, August 30, 2002, 11:59 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 24 years old.)
Yay! Yayayayayayay! yay!!

Meg and I adopted a kitty last night! He's the cutest thing ever! He was born on June 28. He's "blue" (which actually means he's grey) with medium hair. And he's superfriendly. And since he's a little boy, I'm no longer the sole male in the household.

So talk about commitment, huh?

I had to sleep on the couch with Janis last night. We're not yet ready to introduce the cat and the dogs, even though both already have experience with the other species. So we closed the bedroom door last night, leaving the dogs outside. They were lonely, Janis especially. So since there was no way we'd get any sleep with them whining and scratching at the door, I volunteered to keep them company in the living room. Which means I didn't sleep particularly well, but it's all good. I'm used to that at this point.

After Meg left for work, I put up a barrier in the hallway so Janis and Penny couldn't scratch at the door. So I got to sleep with the kitty a couple hours. He's supercute.

We're still trying to pick a name for him. We're considering Sven or Gandhi. Or Alien Kitty Alfonso (AKA for short). Or maybe Gandhi Alien Kitty (Gak for short). Our options are limitless.

In other news, I've taught my class twice without getting arrested. And I'm losing my office in 355N, so my teaching office will be all I get. And Branden's not gonna be my TA anymore. And they're not paying me yet. So I figure I can teach anything I want. I could spend an entire class period talking about my new cat.
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