Log Entry 136

Entry #136, Sun, October 31, 1999, 04:39 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 21 years old.)
I just submitted the following letter to the editor at the observer:
I would like to share with you a disturbing
observation which I have made over the course of
this semester. I have always appreciated the hard
work and effort which Notre Dame Food Services
puts into ensuring that I have food on my plate.
But a serious oversight has been made by the
management of the Dining Halls. The choice of
colors in the jello desserts made available has
always been a poor one following Notre Dame home
football games. On any regular week day I can
enter the dining hall and choose any color of
jello that I could possibly desire. But on the
weekends only a limited selection is available.
This is fine for normal weekends, but utterly
unacceptable on football Saturdays. After every
home football game I try to have my food match
the love I feel for my school, and in order to
do so, I try to find jello in our school colors:
Gold and Blue. But these colors are never both
available on weekends. Sometimes I can get one
or the other, other times I have to settle for
green, but never have I been able to have
Blue and Gold jello after a home football game.
This is an outrage! I hope whoever is in charge
of jello color selection at the Dining Halls
can see the errors in their ways and correct this
gross oversight.

i feel i have made my contribution to absurdity for today.
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