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Entry #1383, Thu, July 20, 2006, 15:13 EDT (Life in General)
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I think it's been more than a year since my last real update, so here's a quick summary...

The big news is that Meg and I broke up over Christmas. Gandhi and I moved out and have been living in Gaithersburg, MD. Our apartment is across the street from my office. In retrospect, it might have been more fun to have moved to DC.

The other big news is that I will be moving to Germany in August. I've accepted a job from amasol an IT consulting firm in Munich. I'm very excited.

I learned of this firm last September, when Annika and I were in Munich for work. We actually travelled to Basel and Munich and got to experience Oktoberfest.

I got to see two home games last season: Michigan State and USC. The two regular season games ND lost. Go figure. Can't blame me for Ohio State, though. Wasn't there for that one; I watched it at Midway airport in Chicago.

2006 has been a good year. Went on a ski trip in WV with a bunch of friends. Drove to the Albany area twice to visit Branden. While there I also got to see Randy, Kelly, and John. During the second trip, I beat Branden and Randy at minigolf. I scored a hole in one!

I also played my first ever round of real Golf with Brad, Fred, and Fred's brother Ed.

This past weekend Mamie and I drove to New York City and saw The Producers and Spamalot. Both were excellent, and it's hard to decide which I liked better. While there, we also saw Chuck and Mary.

Saw a Nationals game with Patrick and Shanna. Saw an Orioles game with Faith and her husband. I liked Camden Yards better than RFK.

I Was back in Munich at the beginning of June for job interviewing and such.

Summit Station, my favorite local microbrewery was sold and closed a couple months ago for renovations. It's now going to be called Growlers, and it still hasn't opened yet.

I enjoyed watching the World Cup, cheering for Germany since the US didn't get too far.

I want to buy an American flag before I leave the country.

Went to ABQ and CB in May to visit the family. While there, I saw Diana's confirmation, Annies graduation and final Underwear Society performance, and got to see Oma & Papa. I also got to be there for Mom's birthday.

Sadly, I've neglected this blog for a while, so there's plenty more fun that I've forgotten about.

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