Log Entry 176

Entry #176, Thu, December 16, 1999, 21:48 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 21 years old.)
i really like stairs. it's sad that my life has come to the point where i get my adrenaline fix by jumping down stairs. but since i've chosen to dedicate this portion of my life to computer science, i've little room in my schedule to go out and get real adrenaline fixes. so i jump down stairs. stepping on any of bottom four stairs in any set is something done only when doing otherwise would endanger the life of somebody at a lower potential energy (i.e. farther down the stairs than i am). usually i'll jump down the last half of the steps, but from time to time i'll take an entire flight of stairs in one leap. of course, i usually injure my ankle doing that, but that heals within a day or two. i've learned that the key thing is to go up and over, not to go for horizontal momentum, because horizontal momentum will kick my ass at the bottom, seeing how there's usually very little room to manuever. going up stairs is kinda fun too, just because i like physical activity for some odd reason. if i find time, i could start my own workout program: running up and down the stairs in fitz/cushing... and the basement of fitz is huge, i could start running laps down there instead of dealing with the crap music they play at rolfs.

apparently next semester i'll be doing some research into neural networks. that'd be quite cool. this is on top of/after i do some of that turing machine stuff. hopefully i'll come up with some cool software tools...
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