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(posted when I was 41 years old.)

Some time back in November, one of the servers at Burger Antics brought it to my attention that the Suicide Machines would be playing in Chicago on December 6. I instantly had to purchase tickets, knowing I could finally make up for a missed opportunity from twenty years ago.

By the time the show actually came around I was feeling less enthusiastic since we had just finished our Thanksgiving travels and were feeling pretty thoroughly exhausted. Nonetheless I decided to forge ahead and convinced Annie to see the show with me.

After dinner at Monk's, we made our way to the venue, Reggie's on South State Street. Doors opened at 8 and we got there at about 7:40. We wandered in the open doors and found a room with a stage with a drum kit on the stage and a busy bar. Seemed like we were plausibly in the right place, except nobody checked our tickets. Nope. We were in the Reggie's bar instead of the Reggie's concert hall.

That sorted, we waited in line for the doors to open. Once we got inside, we figured we'd check our coats. Coat check was upstairs and we were some of the first to enter the venue. So when we got upstairs we discovered there was a balcony with a great view and with comfy chairs to sit in. So that's where we watched the show from. Because we're old. And we like comfort.

The first act was The Eclectics. They were high energy and sounded very much like a typical 90s college ska band.

Next up were The Krank Daddies, a band that very much wanted to be Rockabilly meets Punk and which very much succeeded at doing so. Very entertaining, though after about five songs you kinda had their formula figured out.

Third in line was 88 Fingers Louie, the first act of the night I'd heard of before. I was excited to hear them. They only played about three songs I knew and it felt a little like they were phoning it in, but they also told us at the beginning of their set to lower our expectations. So all in all they were fun enough.

And finally, the Suicide Machines. Holy cow were they lit. I thoroughly enjoyed their set. Very glad I finally saw them. They only played a handful of songs I didn't know and those also sounded good. And apparently they have a new record coming out soon so I'll have to watch out for that.

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