Log Entry 237

Entry #237, Sat, March 25, 2000, 23:28 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 21 years old.)
alright, i'm really sore. the moshpit took its toll, and we did some more hardkore dancing when the butterfly effect played, and then some more at the party we went to afterwards... arun and perk went to cheers after no redeeming qualities, but george and i returned to nazz for ron garcia's band the butterfly effect, and then met anne at a party. it was quite entertaining.

spent most of today staring at emacs, unable to code... and i wasn't even trying to procrastinate, i simply failed to produce code. well, i produced a little... i wrote up a solution to the matrix-chain problem for the programming team, and i started playing with some neural net code for pete's index.

now george and i are watching a new episode of voyager, which is quite cool, involves cool klingon stuff, including tuvak being a badass. after that come xena, cleopatra 2525, and jack of all trades.
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