Log Entry 380

Entry #380, Sun, July 30, 2000, 19:41 EST (Movies)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)
more iron chef greatness last night. perk saw this episode. his first. taste is more important than presentation. the challenger made a soup with duck feet, and one of the tasters had a great quote which i am unfortunately only able to paraphrase: "well, at least this will make a great conversation piece for dinner: 'hey! we're eating duck feet!'"

church this morning followed by brunch at the gibneys. rosemary gibney will be a freshman at nd this fall. dr. and mrs. gibney said something about dinner when they're out there. mmmm... food...

went on a short hikeish thing in the direction of some beaver (heh. perk should be thinking of taxidermists right about now) ponds up on whetstone mountain. had dinner at rozmans. watched "scary movie" afterwards. it was decent, fulfilled my expectations... luckily i'd seen some of the movies it was mocking and knew enough about the others to get most of the jokes. it also had a scantily clad girl running through sprinklers...
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