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Entry #429, Sat, September 09, 2000, 22:50 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)
it's been an interesting time... Woohoo, thursday night I finally gave in: Iron Chef South Bend (Arun coined the term, Rich approved it, so I feel justified in using it) now has a deep fat fryer. Purchased at about half past midnight, along with various other random things. then i returned home and made waffles. soon, tho, i shall have to make donuts so the fryer can be put to use.

friday was an interesting day. had a few meetings, had a few classes, got x working better on malloc, dealt with oit bogosity on networking issues with malloc, then picked up alcohol from brian's parents. then went to lafortune, where i learned that the nrq show had been cancelled due to weather. that was a definite bummer. so i met Linda and Alexandra, showed them the ssr, then went to pep rally, which was entertaining. then the event at our apartment. it was entertaining. some violence. anne and i had an odd session of gymnastics outside followed by a discussion of various things that was ended by a desire for waffles. i finally make it to sleep at about 4.

saturday, game day!! wake up after noon, head for campus. didn't see any of the ssr grad students i'm supposed to sit with at the stadium, but found branden moore somewhere close to where my seats are supposed to be, so i sat with him. the game...

we lost, but the game was freaking awesome!! i mean, we were tied with the number 1 team after four quarters! my throat hurts. but it was a lot of fun. the crowd was awesome. when i first entered the stadium i was quite worried by the number of red shirts... i think the alumni and students who sold their tickets to nebraska fans need to be tracked down and shot. traitors. but it wasn't so bad after all, it just looked it because red is so ... primary...

but i must say, davie angered me. first of all, we've made like two passes all game, and on fourth and one we throw??? what?!?! and then what was that whole deal with having a minute and a half left, two timeouts, and we let time run out? argh! our offense didn't impress me much, but defense and special teams just rocked! wow.

saw laura antkowiak on my way out of the stadium. fun. met linda and alexandra again after the game. grabbed some food at lafortune, then went to the jacc and watched the volleyball team play ucla. then went back to smc with them, visited mamie, and, after fixing some things on her computer, returned home. now i'm watching voyager, and am looking forward to the goodness which is saturday night tv. and i need to read all the email that's gathered since last night.
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