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Entry #504, Wed, October 11, 2000, 18:34 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)
the oit dude the gsu made me meet with tried to convince me to switch all the gsu stuff from www.gsu.nd.edu to www.nd.edu/~gsu. i doubt i will, just because that seems like more work to me... the meeting was mainly a waste of my time. so i bought poptarts, encountered anne, who almost convinced me to skip my os midterm, but finally i headed to the test, barely on time. and then i forgot my poptarts in the classroom where i took the os midterm. doh!

well, the os midterm is behind me. which is good and stuff. the test went ok. it could have gone better. the main problem was the focus of the test on facts. there's not a concept covered in that class that i don't understand. but there are plenty of facts that i don't have memorized. so i had to make up a couple things for a couple of the answers. so whatever.

frustrated by this whole memorization thing that's been plaguing me lately, i wandered around fitz for a while, then played loud angry music (Against All Authority) because I'd rather be angry than frustrated. Besides, AAA makes me angry at the real injustices of the world instead of just frustrated at the minor inconsequential problems of my life. while playing loud angry music, I downloaded the source for gnu sh-utils and read through some of that, just for the hell of it. because why not?

then Katie Moor invited me to go over some numerical stuff with her, Alice, and Stephanie. Alice was late, so Stephanie taught us some chinese characters and such, which was cool. She showed us a chinese math book that belonged to her dad, which was also interesting. One interesting thing (at least to me) was that it was all written in chinese characters, but they used roman characters for variables. then Alice showed up and we went over chapter 12 of the numerical book: fast fourier transforms. i went in not having much of a clue of how they really worked but came out with a much better intuitive understanding of the subject. which is good. then i went to rolfs and ran a bit and did some abs work and then biked home. physical activity makes me happy.
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