first, i kill you...

Entry #707, Thu, December 07, 2000, 22:44 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)
... then i kill you again, but with style.

stupid debian. due to some issues with dependencies in a variety of debian packages, I can no longer run gnome-session on realloc. Luckily enlightenment works, but I really liked my gnome-panel. Will need to bug the package maintainers once I've got free time.

So here are the goals: today, tomorrow, possibly some of saturday: comp arch madness. get as much done as possible. saturday, some of sunday: numerical final. hopefully get it finished. sunday: study for os final. monday: study some more and take os final. If I'm motivated and productive, I could potentially be done by monday afternoon. So far instead of being motivated and productive I've been worthless and hung over. But I'm working on changing that...

Some quotes I found stored in random files in my home directory on realloc: "if you're not mad enough to bare-knuckle box, then you're not mad!" and "he's like a cross between terrell davis and ghandi!"

Another file was a list of bands I want to look into, for whatever reason. It's not a very long list: Face to Face and Bonecrusher are the only bands on it. But I discovered that Face to Face is on the "We are not Devo" cd. They do a cover of Whip It. I have no idea how they came to be added to my list of bands to look into (it wasn't because of the Devo cd), but their Whip It cover is fun....

enough procrastination. I'm gonna kill netscape and go into super comp arch dude mode.

I'm a stupid stupid fuck. I just now realized that back a long time ago, whenever I was trying to get my .emacs file just right, I would repeatedly launch emacs trying to read the error messages that flashed by in the minibuffer window. If only I'd have thought to switch to the *Messages* buffer.

The net got taken down sometime while I wrote up this message, which is why I didn't kill netscape when I said I would. But I've been safe from the evil www. And I'm listening to No Doubt. And now the net has returned. adios.
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