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Entry #750, Mon, December 18, 2000, 23:20 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)
So at Annie's request, I went by CBCS at 10 am or so this morning and helped her figure out some trig stuff during one of her free periods. I remember high school trig. That was back in the days I liked math. I miss those days.

After that, the time had come. Mom, Mamie, and I headed to Gunnison. We stop by John Roberts and Mike Marquez gives me the prizm he's been holding for me to test drive. I think it was God's intention that I drive a prizm. I drove the thing and instantly fell in love with it. The transmission and I had an instant understanding. So we return to the dealership and I fill out an application for financing. Then comes the wait. Won't know until 2:30 if they approve me. So we go to the Blue Iguana for lunch (mmmmm...) and then go by insurance place and then drop off Mamie for eye exam. Finally 2:30 rolls around. And I've been approved. One of the scariest moments of my life. I sign a whole bunch of documents, putting myself into debt. But I get to drive away in a silver 2001 chevy prizm. It's got a cd player and A/C and ABS and front and side airbags for driver and passenger. And it's cute. And I love it. I was worried that getting a new car would get me a car without character, but I think this one does have some. We have a definite understanding. I think I need to name it. But petemobile and esgercar sound stupid, so the obvious choices are out. Will need to think about that one. I christened the cd player with MxPx. I found it delightfully ironic to play "Responsibility" in my new car.

So returned to CB and drove around a bit on errands that were useful, I guess, but really just excuses to drive. Then Dad, Annie, and I go to the New Brussels Bakery, which has opened since the last time I was in town. It's run by some people from Belgium. They have imported Belgian beer. Had a Duvel, which was really good. Dad had two (I had to drive! =)... Annie had a Napoleon, which I stole some of, it was also good, and I had a Creme Brulee which was excellent. Had a great time talking with people there. Haven't used flemish in a while, so it was a bit rusty, but fun to speak in again.

Then home for tacos for dinner and helping Annie with some more trig. Now I've returned temporarily to the gallery. I might make an appearance at the Eldo later tonight, check out the CB bar scene...
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