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Entry #765, Sat, January 06, 2001, 10:37 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)
So Anne and Brian arrived Saturday, December 30. Since then we've been on an unstoppable roller-coaster of fun. Haha. So Saturday we just kinda explored town and such, didn't do much at all. Sunday, a.k.a. New Years Eve we went to mass, then had brunch and watched the Broncos lose miserably to the Baltimore Ravens. Stupid Baltimore. At 8 pm or so we went to the Rozmans for their new years thing. Hung out there for a while, saw a bunch of people. At 10:30 or so we headed to town. We bought tickets that let us into both the Eldo and the Idle Spur all night. Juice was playing at the Eldo, Kung Pao and Sucker were playing at the Spur. All three bands were quite good. So we had a fun night. The next morning we began our first day of skiing. We stuck mainly to Paradise lift runs but headed over to keystone and did greens at the end of the day. That night we went to the Rozmans for yet another miserable football game. This time ND lost miserably to Oregon State in the Fiesta bowl. After that we returned to the gallery and watched Mulan. Tuesday Tommy came skiing with us. Well, he boarded, we skied. We also encountered Mark and Evelyn on the mountain. We had food out at the condo and watched the sugar bowl. Sugar! Then Wednesday BJ skied with us. Skied the bumps on resurrection, did well and had fun. Also found Craig Hall on Tony's Parking Lot, so we took a run with him and then he demonstrated Rocket's search skills by burying himself and having Rocket find him. We went to the condo for Diana's birthday and such and watched the Orange bowl. Sooners won. Then we returned to town and hit Talk of the Town and Kochevars. So I think Anne and Brian have seen the highlights of the CB bar scene now. Thursday's skiing was much fun. I ditched Anne and Brian for a while and skied some twister trails. They were way too rocky, but I did hit the west wall a few times off the silver queen on my way to the twister area. That was fun, the snow was decent and I got to do jump turns. The bottom of west wall features a rock area that can't be avoided and must thus be jumped. I managed not to kill myself doing so. Come about 3, Anne and Brian decided to head to keystone and do a few easy runs before heading in. So I went to the top and found Craig Hall. We did a run on headwall. The traverse in was quite amusing, we had to traverse a ways through trees to get to the run. I see Craig go around a corner and then suddenly hear loud laughing. I come around the corner and see Craig hanging from a tree, covered in snow. The trail had collapsed under him and he'd popped out of one ski and flown off the trail. So as I was standing there while he gathered himself, someone else came around the corner and ran right into me, knocking both of us to the ground. My bent poll got bent even more. Then we finally made it to the trail. It was fun. Steep, decent snow, good small bumps, and longer than any other double blacks open right now. I skied it well, I was proud. Then Craig had to sweep lower gallowich, so I came along for that. Doing that I met Phillipe, some French exchange ski patrolman. He told us fun stories about playing checkers as a drinking game with Norwegian girls. For dinner we went to Donita's. Haven't been there in a while. Food is still excellent. I managed to eat my entire meal, I was quite proud. Then we adventured around town on the bus in an attempt to buy a disposable camera, beer, and gum. We were successful. Then we watched Lost In Space, but I fell asleep for most of it. Then Anne and I played chess. I love that game. Anne warned me she wouldn't be any good, but she did much better than I would've expected, given her warnings. I still won, but it took a while. Friday was the last day of skiing. We stuck to easy stuff. Annie and Nina Madden joined us in the afternoon for a while, so that was fun. Then after returning our gear we returned to town. We were immediately greeted by Mom who informed us of reservations at the Gourmet Noodle. So we had dinner there, which was excellent, as usual. Then we watched Stargate, which is always fun. Then drove to the condo, picked up the Barrett's Tahoe, and returned to town for more fun. Anne and I hit Kochevars again, although the atmosphere was a bit different than the previous time. Then we played another game of chess. And that's pretty much it, Anne and Brian took off at 8 or so this morning. All in all, a very fun week.
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