Entry #838, Wed, February 07, 2001, 16:51 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)
so I've suddenly found myself procrastinating... imagine that... and am looking into some summer plans. Here's a few basic facts:
  • I'm gonna spend most of the summer in South Bend
  • I'd like to be in South Bend for senior week
  • I'd like to be in Crested Butte for Annie's graduation
  • I'd like to make a brief stop at Fort Awsome [sic]
  • I'd like to spend at least two, preferably three weeks away from indiana
So, for whatever reason, here's an idea that's beginning to form in my mind:
  1. Drive from South Bend to Crested Butte, on I80
    this is a quick way to get to CB and I could possibly stop in omaha and visit bj
  2. Spend some time in CB
  3. Drive from CB to berkeley, along a straight-ish route, possibly stopping and camping somewhere cool like zion
  4. spend a few days in berkeley
  5. drive south to los angeles
    I'd need to look into figuring if I can find anywhere to spend a night down there
  6. drive to chicago along route 66
    this would be really cool. I could stop in albuquerque and visit oma & papa. Then I could figure out where else along the way to stop
  7. make way from chicago back to south bend where indiana will once again begin to crush my soul
  8. this sounds like a ton of fun to me. so let's see. SB -> CB is about 1300 miles. CB -> Berkeley is about 1100 miles. Berkeley -> LA is about 400 miles, and LA -> Chicago is about 2400 miles along route 66. So a grand total of about 5200 miles. Sweetness. Need to strongly consider turning this idea into a realistic plan.
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