it's official: i've got dreads

Entry #865, Tue, February 20, 2001, 04:13 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)
Most of this entry has been tape delayed in order to maximize the shock of the new hair.

Friday, an entertaining time. Spend most of the afternoon doing contest coding, then played some freeciv with George. Then Rubin and Ed at my place. So Perk, George, and I pick up beer and taco bell, then hit the Rubin and Ed showing. Joe Taylor and Branden Moore were there too. I love this movie. It's been far too long since I've last watched it. Good stuff, very surreal and amusing.

Saturday: hair day. Go to fitz for a while. Briefly help in the making of an engineering week banner. Then Perk and I take off. We hit Osco for a few more products, bummed a hair dryer off Anne and begin. So neither of us really knew what we were doing. We just started following the instructions. It took a long time. About 10 hours or so. It also involved a lot of pain. It hurt a lot. By the end it also involved a lot of alcohol. It was suggested as a pain reliever, and in the end perk and I were taking shots of rum between each dread. So after we finished dreading, perk needed to remove some hair in a few spots, so we had to find my clippers. Perk succeeded. They were in bad shape, though, and the only lubricant I was able to find was vegetable oil. But perk says it worked, so I'll take his word for that. Other memories from that time are vague. At some point I took off my shirt. Then later we decided to go outside, and my head hurt too much to put a shirt back on, so Perk took off his shirt in a sympathy move of sorts, and we went running around outside. I don't think we were wearing shoes either. Must've been cold. I think Perk hugged a pile of snow. At some point I ended up asleep in bed, but I don't remember going to bed. Woke up still wearing my contacts, which means I'd not taken them out two nights in a row, so I took them out (accidentally throwing out perks contacts, he'd decided to store his in my contact case) and went back to sleep for a few more hours. So now I have dreads. Mad props to perk for doing them for me, I owe him bigtime. Thanks also to Brian for helping out (and making a taco bell run for us) and such, and thanks to Anne for lending us the hair dryer. The dreads will probably need a while before they're fully developed...

So didn't really get up until 3:30 or so sunday. Cleaned up the mess from the dreading fest, then headed to campus. Participated in the engineering banner process for a little while, then headed home and watched the wonderful sunday night fox lineup. Then wasted the rest of the weekend away, figuring that I'd not done anything productive so far, so why start?

so monday I actually managed to be sorta productive. realized I have a graphics program due tomorrow, so put some work into that. Had some odd issues with openGL. I was trying to draw a star as a GL_POLYGON. Well, it seemed to ignore some of my points or something. If I used the same set of vertices in a GL_LINE_LOOP, I got a star. But as a GL_POLYGON I got a messed up thing in which some of my points got skipped so I got some star/pentagon hybrid. So I finally just did star as a pentagon and some triangles. This happened both in suns opengl and in mesa on linux. Also had an interesting issue with mesa in which if I exited the program on a mouse down event, the mouse up event would be passed to the window underneath. Easy way to fix that: change the program to exit on mouseup instead. Also did some work on algorithms with maddog. We got stuff figured out, so I'll need to write stuff up tomorrow. Also attended movie night: army of darkness. much fun, I've now watched it twice in less than two weeks. After that, George, Bad Andy, and I made a taco bell run. mmmm... taco bell... now I think I'm gonna give sleep a try...

Dr Freeh's comment upon first seeing the dreads: "Did you lose a bet?" ... heheheh.
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