Entry #867, Wed, February 21, 2001, 01:47 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)
today's definitely been satisfactorily productive. I actually woke up to my alarm, got up, Brian was in the shower, so I checked my email, watched some tv, and then decided that since Brian was still in the shower, my only option was to go back to sleep. It made sense at the time. Woke up again at about the time my comp arch class was ending. Excellent. Call home to help Mom with a computer problem, then head to campus to finish up the grafix homework before class. Then go to grafix, and, thanks to having brought along a programming contest problem to play with, manage to stay awake the entire time. Then wings, we had a decent showing, nine people I think. Then after returning to campus I realize I need to go home to pick up some of the headphones of the sort that plug into your ears, because the kind that cover your ears no longer fit on my head. Returning victoriously to campus, I finally manage to be productive for a while. I get my algorithms homework for tomorrow written up, get some compilers stuff done, and get debian installed on a vm. There's still a few bits of software I need to install on that, then it'll be time to put the vm into non-persistent mode so I can beat the fuck out of it, knowing a reset will return me to a happy clean state of being. Then at midnight we do a quarterdog run. Arun, George, Branden, Joe and I spend nearly an hour at lafortune, discussing grad school, the department, and various less serious things. A good time. Now I've returned home and am preparing to read a few chapters of graphics in preparation for this test thing I've got coming up thursday.
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