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Entry #872, Sat, February 24, 2001, 02:34 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)
so I think that ever since I've gotten my new hair do, life has pretty much been perfect. Today's been another fun day. Woke up at 11, went to algorithms, then had a meeting about the mona freenix paper. I am supposed to investigate domain, wrapfs, filters/pipes, hurd translators, and preload libraries as related work. Should try to do that soon, need it by friday. Then went to a cse seminar, about ADAPT, which is a framework for adaptive runtime recompiling. Was a neat talk. I actually understood just about all of it, too. Then at 6 I headed over to SMC to hang out with Mamie for a while. We went to taco bell to get food and had a ridiculous experience there, between the time we entered taco bell and the time we left, 30 minutes elapsed. I think just about all the people working behind the counter were under the age of 15, except the woman at the register. I don't think they got a single order right, despite taking forever for each order. Oh well. Then we went to see Shakespeare's A Winter's Tale at washington hall. Performed by the Actors from the London Stage group. It was pretty good. They took the ultra-simplistic approach, using only 5 actors for like 30 parts, which got confusing at times, so since I have trouble with shakespeare to begin with and I'd never read or seen this one before, I had a hard time following the plot at times, but it was still quite amusing, and generally well done. Then I dropped Mamie off at SMC and headed for fitz. After bumming around a bit, I discover that Brian has taken the Bring It On dvd home, so Branden and I head for there and watch Bring It On. I'd somehow managed to go this long without seeing it, but finally I have. It was quite entertaining. An amazing piece of movieness. Oh yeah.
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