Entry #875, Sun, February 25, 2001, 02:40 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)
"I'm trying to picture George singing like a black woman." -- Bad Andy

My room is cleanish, I've found most of my cds again, I've gotten some compilers stuff finished, and I'm watching saturday night tv. Today's been good.

Woke up 11ish today, spent most of the afternoon doing laundry, cleaning my room, listening to punk rock, and watching basketball and gymnastics on tv (muted, of course). It was a media-rich cleaning experience. Most of my floor is now visible, for the first time in forever. Excellent. Then at sixish or so, I headed to campus, didn't get much done there, but got most of the tasks on my compilers todo list done. Then, while waiting for bad andy to show up, Perk, Cdawg, and I played doom. First time in probably a few years that I've played doomarena on the sparcs. Cdawg kicked our asses. Andy finally showed up (too late for us to see voyager) and Perk, Branden, Andy, and I hit taco bell and then trecked to my place for sat night tv. We got 18 items, but due to weak eating by Perk and Brian, this averaged to only 3.5 items each. Weak. Back to tv.
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